Find yourself a world away in a private escape but at an epicenter of activity.

Activities & Attractions

On the other side of the Dos Mares tunnel, you'll find plenty of activities to participate in during your Cabo San Lucas vacation. Our location places you right at the epicenter of activity, even as you are a world away in a private escape. From authentic Mexican dining experiences, to tours of the old bay, yacht access and so much more, Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas offers a host of activities to fill your days and make your vacation with us memorable.

Within ten minutes of our resort, you'll discover activities such as hiking in some of the world's most majestic mountains, golfing par excellence, and some of the best in international shopping. Your Personal Assistant is on-hand to arrange everything. All you have to do is let go of your worries and enjoy your Los Cabos vacation.

Seasonal Activities


Cruise on Capella's exclusive yacht while indulging in a delicious picnic lunch created just for you.


Cool off with a dip into one of the myriad pools dotting the hotel grounds, which include private plunge pools on the patio of every guestroom.


Experience of some of the best fishing in the world aboard one of our private boats.


Enjoy whale watching with a private boat tour, or just from your guestroom patio while relaxing in your personal plunge pool.

Cruises & Sailing

The Pacific Ocean, with its clear, clean waters is an excellent backdrop to a day spent cruising on a yacht during your vacation to Cabo San Lucas with Capella Pedregal. Our staff can arrange days spent on the water as we are the only resort in the area to offer a Yacht Club experience for our guests, a short distance from the entrance to Capella Pedregal. The Capella Yacht fleet and proximity to the Los Cabos Marina ensure our guests ample opportunities to explore the open water while enjoying the individualized service Capella is known for. In addition, there are numerous day or evening cruises along the Pacific coast to enjoy, as well as scuba, snorkeling, and other water-related activities.

Boat Cruises

Experience our beautiful resort destination from a different point of view during your Cabo luxury vacation and take a boat cruise along the gorgeous blue waters of the Sea of Cortez. Select a snorkeling excursion as part of your package and glide along the rippling waves as you scan the depths of the sea bottom. These trips are offered during the morning and midday, depending on the boat, and last about 3 hours. For those interested in a late afternoon and evening tour, the sunset tour is perfect for watching the sun meet the sea and electrify the sky with a myriad of colors. Sunset tours last for two hours.

During the wintertime, from mid-December until April, the whales come to Baja. Enjoy the beauty and majesty of these creatures as you tour the surrounding waters. Boat cruises offer guests the chance to see female whales with their cubs and their behavior. This is one of the most popular tours in Los Cabos. Depending on the boat, drinks and sodas, appetizers or dinner can be offered.

Sailing Cruises

Sail boats cruises are available for guests looking for more of a non-traditional boat cruise. Snorkeling and sunset tours are possibilities on these cruise types as well.


Capella Pedregal's fitness center is open 24 hours a day. It includes a private personal training room for you to book a one on one session with our fitness professionals. Our world class cardio/weight room has a full complement of cardiovascular and resistance equipment, with personal TVs and sound for viewing and listening to music. Private consultation is also available, which cover all aspects of mind/body well-being.


Here are some of our favorite Los Cabos golf resorts and courses, all of which are a short drive from Capella Pedregal. These golf courses offer exhilarating oceanfront approaches, elevation changes and expansive panoramas of the beauty of Cabo San Lucas, from the ocean to the mountains and the desert.

  • Cabo Del Sol Desert
  • Cabo Del Sol Ocean
  • Cabo Real Golf Club
  • One & Only Palmilla Gold Club
  • Cabo San Lucas Country Club
  • Raven Golf Club


Cabo San Lucas hiking offers plenty of natural wonders to our guests. Hiking trails from Capella Pedregal lead into the mountains, opening up the natural world to the intrepid traveler. There are trails for every level of hiking enthusiast, each revealing another facet to the beauty of the Mexican countryside.

Outdoor Adventures

ATV Tours

Enjoy breathtaking desert scenery of mountains, canyons, and desert wildlife as you race along on ATVs. These guided ATVs tours are perfect for entertaining kids and adults alike.

Cabo Dolphins

Experience nature up close and personal with the Cabo Dolphins. In groups of 8 participants, swim with the dolphins and become intimate with their behavior. For those preferring to spend more one on one with the dolphins, become a "Trainer for a Day", and take care of your dolphin and their needs. "Trainer for a Day" lasts 6 hours and at the end of the day, each participant will be given some free time with these gentle creatures in the pool.

Zip Lining

If your preferred way to enjoy the Baja desert is by getting close to it and flying through its vast canyons then Zip Lining is the best way to accomplish this. This is the most popular activities for families. Soar through the air and experience the thrilling rush of flying. Cliffs are connected by zip lines where you can appreciate the beauty of the desert flora and fauna. There are a few locations where you can enjoy this activity.


Start your off-Road day in Cabo by driving our RZR over the sand dunes and river beds right in front of the Pacific Ocean. Our RZR does everything an ATV or a dune Buggy can do and MUCH MORE. Twice the horsepower, 4-wheel drive and long-travel suspension make our RZRs able to navigate through terrain and scenic landscapes unseen by any 2-wheel-drive buggy.

Off Roads Adventures

Ride along on 4 wheel drive vehicles and visit canyons and waterfalls. See the beauty of the desert first hand. All vehicles are guided and enjoyable for all ages.


Since John Wayne started coming over to Los Cabo as his personal fishing spot, every year thousands of people come down to spend some time on the ocean. The big variety of fish and some of the world's most famous tournaments have made Los Cabos a favorite spot for this sport. Every October, the Bisbee Fishing Tournament, brings some of the biggest fishing lovers of the world, giving away millions of dollars in prizes.


Los Cabos has some of the finest golf courses on the world and experienced and novice golfers alike have been making the trip for the last several years to enjoy golf at its best. One of the most popular courses is Cabo del Sol, with the Ocean Course and Desert Course. Both have been ranked in the top 100 of the World and Mexico. Read more about golf offerings.

Helicopter Rides

Helicopter rides are a very clear way of seeing Los Cabos and its natural beauties. Helicopters leave from Cabo San Lucas Airport, flying directly over the arch, the Pacific Ocean and if you wish, all the way to San Jose through the coast. It's a great way to take some of the most outstanding pictures.

Horseback Riding

Cabo has some of the most beautiful sites from the ocean and the mountains. Horses are an ecological way of visiting the areas and making direct contact with nature. Tours will take you to the beach, the mountains and the canyons.

Parasailing Rides

Parasailing takes place in the Cabo San Lucas bay. Enjoy a beautiful ride that allows you to see the beauty of Cabo from the air.

Scuba Diving

Join the fish and natural wildlife under the sea by scuba diving. There are a few places for diving in Los Cabos area; Cabo Pulmo is one of the most popular. The large variety of sea life characterizes the area as one of the most outstanding in the world. A diving certificate must be shown to engage in this activity.


There is a large variety of shops that can be found all around Los Cabos. From art galleries to craft stores, take a leisurely walk and find mementos to bring home for friends and family.


Quite a few spots are popular for this activity in Los Cabos. The sea life is very rich in Baja and you don't need to go too far to enjoy it.


Soar on the cresting waves and hang ten. Surfing is very popular in Cabo, especially on the Pacific side. There are quite a few spots not too far from Cabo San Lucas, where even professional surfers can be found.

Ultralight Glider

See Los Cabos from the sky, enjoy the Cabo air on your face and feel like a bird all the while. Tours leave from Cabo San Lucas airport.

Whale Watching

Each winter, Gray Whales, Blue Whales and Humpback Whales migrate 10,000 km south from their arctic feeding grounds; to breed and rear their young in Baja California's sheltered lagoons. After their long journey from Alaska, the whales arrive in the shallow and warm waters of Baja California Peninsula. The lagoons of the Baja California peninsula become sanctuaries for the whales. This is where you can see them mating, nursing and playing with their young calves. In Baja, you can see these amazing and wonderful creatures, up-close and in large numbers. Whales enjoy tactile stimulation and their curious calves often come up to the boats to be petted. Get very close to the whales while enjoying a tour or view the whales right from our restaurant.

The activities listed here are a short list of some of the most popular outdoor adventures in Cabo San Lucas. Our Personal Assistants are always available to arrange these or other activities or even make recommendations and arrangements for other unique experiences.


Our Auriga spa and Fitness Center are located in the heart of Capella Pedregal, a Cabo San Lucas spa resort.

Our spa philosophy centers on natural and organic products for custom crafted treatments with relaxation and rejuvenation in mind. The 10,000 square feet ocean view spa is ideal for pampering with 10 private spa treatment rooms fashioned into round pod-like dwellings opening into the outdoor spa pool. Enjoy a treatment together in our lavish couple's suite and extend your experience by indulging in spacious private facilities featuring a fill and drain bath tub and a private pool. Allow us to design the most memorable spa experience for you. This might be a day of indulgence shared with a friend, a lavish series of treatments complete with a gourmet spa cuisine lunch, hair style and make up in our deluxe salon suited to your night out or a romantic spa evening with candlelit massage and champagne. Our Cabo spa resort also offers aquatic water therapy treatments and personalized sound therapy sessions designed to tune the body for a deep state of relaxation. Within the resort spa facility you will find quiet and active private lounges for ladies and gentlemen, separate wet areas with sauna, steam, ice room and whirlpool. Our spa salt water pool provides a tranquil environment for reflection as well as inspirational ocean views.

An Auriga Signature: Services Inspired by the Phases of the Moon

As at every Auriga, Capella Pedregal's resort spa will offer four signature services, one for each phase of the moon, that encourage guests to attune their wellness routines to the rhythms of nature. These signature treatments have been designed with The Organic Pharmacy to reflect the varying energies of the lunar cycle. The Organic Pharmacy with their 100% natural products is the first and only pharmacy dedicated to health and beauty using organic products and treatments. Each of these signature treatments is dedicated to a particular phase of the moon. The new moon treatment will focus on stimulating and awakening the body, while the waxing phase is the time to "sow the seeds" and nourish. The full moon brings one to the height of his or her potential and the waning moon signals a time to cleanse the body and spirit.

The Sea

The Ocean is the source of life, and it has a powerful therapeutic effect on mind, body, and spirit. Our holistic treatments harness the pull of the ocean's energy, and the healing power of the sea, to restore beauty, health, and spirit. Ingredients such as 100% certified organic seaweed and pure algae extracts are hand-harvested from some of the cleanest waters on the planet. Auriga invites you to bathe in the sea of life.

Baja Healing at Auriga Spa

Guests at our Cabo San Lucas spa resort will have the opportunity to enjoy an authentic foot ritual created by our Curandera for treatments and rituals based on local folk healing traditions. We have worked closely with our Curandera to develop rituals and therapies that complement the fascinating tradition of Mexican folk healing. Our staff is trained in the use of herbs grown in our onsite gardens to create beautifully presented teas and tonics that can be prepared based on guests individual needs. Each spa experience will begin with a soothing floral foot bath ritual that will set the tone for the Cabo spa experience that awaits them.

Fitness Center

Auriga fitness center is outfitted with Advanced Technogym equipment. Enjoy a workout at your own pace to optimize your health, fitness, and general well-being. Fitness center is open 24 hours daily.

Fitness on Request: Our innovative group fitness systems allow you unlimited access to your favorite class and instructors. After you choose and schedule your class, a projection screen will display an experienced instructor of your choice and create the realistic feel of a live class with high-energy sound.

Fitness Services: Daily group fitness classes are available with your Auriga instructor. Private personal training, individual yoga, Pilates and other specialized classes are available by request. Please contact the fitness center or spa for more information on any of our fitness and wellness services.

Swimming & Beaches

As one would expect, Cabo San Lucas swimming is a favored activity. Capella Pedregal provides each guest accommodation with private plunge pools to cool off in, as well as four separate resort pools. Four pools including two infinity-edge ocean front pools, a rock formation pool and spa pool are for two adult and two children friendly locations.


Medano Beach: "Dune Beach" extends along Cabo San Lucas to Villa del Palmar; Medano Beach is the beach most visitors enjoy going to. It is a safe swimming zone so if you plan to spend the day at the beach make sure to get there early to find the best spot. An array of little shops, restaurants with strolling mariachis, and vendors can be found along the streets of this diverse beach. Access to this beach is located all through Cascadas to Hacienda.

Lover´s Beach: Playa Del Amor (Love Beach) or Playa del Amante (Lover´s Beach) is mostly known by locals as Doña Chepa and is another popular beach in Los Cabos that was recently voted on of the "10 best beaches in Mexico" by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Close to the very tip of Cabo. Playa Del Amor can only be reached by boat. The Arch (El Arco) is located on Lover´s Beach. It is also a popular snorkeling area and is safe for swimming only if you are swimming on the bay side of the area.

Divorce Beach: The white sands of the luscious, sun-drenched beach are located on the Pacific side and are a short distance away from Lover´s Beach. This beach is excellent for relaxing and tanning but do not go for a swim here. It is very dangerous even for the most experience swimmers.

Solmar Beach: This long, wide stretch of white sand beach faces the Pacific Ocean and continues to rocks at Land´s End to the base of Pedregal to the West. Like Divorce Beach, this stretch of beach faces the Pacific and it is not safe for swimmers because of strong current and undertow. This beach is ideal for privacy and relaxation as most people prefer more popular swimmable beaches, but if you want to spend a quiet and peaceful day away from the sometimes rowdy crowd this beach is perfect. Lie down and relax as the sounds of the crashing wave's sooth you to sleep. Access to this beach is via the road to Hotel Solmar.

Playa Cemetario: This beach is located northeast of Cabo and welcomes you with beautiful soft, golden white sand and peaceful swimming without the crowds of El Medano. Access this beach at km 4.


Capella Pedregal is pleased to offer our tennis enthusiasts two Laykold surfaced courts (Hard Court Surface of the ATP Tour) that overlook the Cabo San Lucas Marina and Sea of Cortez.

Revitalize your game and your sole with our pampered services. Offering chilled towels, bottled water, tennis balls and complimentary racquets, this is sure to be a memorable Capella tennis experience. Complimentary court time is available through your Personal Assistant team.

Pablo Martinez – Tennis Pro

PABLO MARTINEZ was born in Valle de Bravo and raised in Metepec, Mexico. He started to play when he was 3 years old. Pablo played College Tennis NCAA Division and ranked #66 ATP rank #719. At the age of 12 he visited, worked and played in many different professional tennis programs. Pablo loves to share the joy of the game and teach how to excel, play and challenge oneself on the tennis court. His belief is that there is always something to learn out there! Certifications: RPT Certification and USPTA "Professional 1". For lessons please contact your Personal Assistant Team.

Proper tennis shoes are required. Dark-soled, running or hiking shoes are not allowed and may cause injury.