Food & Wine Festival - July 10-14, 2013

Wines & Tequilas

During the festival, attendees at our luxury resort will have the opportunity to participate in two wine tastings and a tequila seminar. We are currently in the process of selecting exclusive wines and tequilas to be presented. Check back to find out more about the wineries and tequila maker that will be joining us in Cabo San Lucas for the festival.

Wine Tasting

A master sommelier from one of the Mexican regions will teach you about the blends, flavors and process of making Mexican wines. This class will give you an opportunity to taste four different types of Mexican wines.

Tequila Seminar

A Maestro Tequilero will explain the process of making tequila, share the history and regions of tequila, and teach you what makes exceptional tequila. The maestro will describe the differences between the four different types of tequilas participants will taste.

Each year our chef and wine sommelier personally select the best tequila maker and wine makers in the country to come to the resort and educate our participants.