Renowned experts help you look and feel your best in the privacy of your own suite


A unique advantage for our guests is the direct connection of Breidenbacher Hof wellness hotel in Düsseldorf to a premier private clinic. Plan a holiday and take care of your cosmetic surgery needs.  As a patient you can enjoy the exclusive Capella service in a luxury suite and have a private passage to the treatment facilities – privacy and security are two of our most important priorities.

The name “Preventicum”, stands for Prof. Dr. Dietrich Baumgart, one of the leading experts in preventative medicine and an internationally acclaimed cardiologist, and his centre for preventative medicine in the Breidenbacher Hof. The private practice offers cardio check-ups, as well as all cardiovascular and internal examinations. The centre for performance diagnostics can also test a patient’s endurance, his energy metabolism during physical stress and the performance of the cardio-pulmonary system.


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