The Capella Ixtapa resort in Zihuatanejo, Mexico is a master-planned, oceanfront paradise, designed to protect the natural beauty of the environment while exposing guests to its splendor. 

Close to the luxurious Capella Ixtapa resort is the Mexican town of Zihuatanejo. Unlike so much of Latin America, Zihuatanejo retains much of the culture of Mexico, as well as the practices and traditions dating back to the Aztec age.

While Capella Ixtapa is easily reached via international airport travel, and features high-speed, state-of-the-art telephone and internet connections; when guests come here, we encourage them to leave it all behind and soak in the wonder of our 5 star Zihuatanejo Ixtapa resort.

Transport & directions

Take the only exit road that leads to the freeway to Zihuatanejo Airport. Continue on that freeway approximately 10 minutes and you will see a sign that reads "Welcome to Zihuatanejo," keep going in that direction while you drive through Zihuatanejo, after the fifth stop light you will be out of town. Continue driving approximately 5 minutes and you will find a detour to Lazaro Cardenas on your right hand side, keep going straight about 10 more minutes. You will go down a hill and up on a bridge, keep heading straight in that direction until you find another sign on the right side of the road that will lead you to Playa Linda. On the next detour take the left lane, keep going about 10 minutes and you will find our hotel on the left hand side of the road. Since the road where you are is a boulevard, you will drive until you see a "U" turn sign, then you will drive about 120 yards and you will be at Capella Ixtapa's main entrance.

Cost of Airport Transfer at Capella Ixtapa:

  • Suburban: $107.00 USD One way

  • Car: $62.00 USD One way