St Lucia Activities & Attractions

In every direction, you'll discover exhilarating adventures within moments of Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Marina. Hike the majestic Pitons. Enjoy a sunset cruise up the St. Lucia coastline. You can also deep sea fish for Blue Marlin and Tuna or dip below the sea to explore the brilliantly colored coral reefs and mysterious shipwrecks just offshore.  

Your Capella Personal Assistant is at your service to arrange anything you’d like to see or experience while staying in Marigot Bay. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your St. Lucia vacation.

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Signature Spa Activity – Sulphur Springs

Join Cultural Ambassador and Healer Jared the Natwel Alcindor on a tour to Soufriere, home of the iconic Pitons. Guests will be escorted through the rainforest on an off-the-beaten-path journey to the Sulphur Springs at the foot of Soufriere, where they will enjoy a detoxing mud bath and hot springs massage, utilizing indigenous spices and herbs.

After a sunset cruise to Capella Marina, guests return to their room to find a Calabash bowl teeming with spa products like pure virgin coconut oil and coconut milk.

Signature Holiday Activity

Visit the Pink Plantation to meet famous, St. Lucian artist Michelle Elliot. You’ll enjoy a private, clay making session with a ceramic artist to design and create two Christmas ornaments. Guests who participate in this Christmas ritual are selected to participate in the Capella Marigot Bay Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Pirates of Marigot Bay Kids’ Scavenger Hunt

Children under 12 are invited to the Marina to collect their message in a bottle, which sets them on a hunt for island treasure. With clues guiding them throughout the resort, scavenger hunters gather a pirate’s booty of loot that includes a compass, eye patch, sword, pirate’s hat and gold coins. At the end of the hunt, each child receives a framed Capella Nautical Map as a certificate of completion.

Rum Blending at the Rum Cave

Step into the resort’s Rum Cave lounge, where you will be greeted by a Rum Connoisseur, who will introduce you to three, distinct rums of varying ages. With his assistance, you will create your own blend of rum, which will age for six weeks at the resort and then be shipped to you along with two Waterford Crystal sipping glasses.

Family Snorkeling and Beach Experience

Arrive in your room to find your own monogrammed snorkel equipment waiting. The following day, you’ll be taken to Trou Voullant, a private cove where you are taught how to snorkel among breathtaking coral reefs and colorful fish. In the evening you will enjoy a beach barbeque and a local, jerk fish fry accompanied by corn on the cob, a banana dessert and St. Lucian S’mores. Back in your room, a gift basket with jerk spices and recipes awaits. 


For your convenience, we offer complimentary beach shuttle services to transport guests to Anse Cochon. The shallow reefs of Anse Cochon make it an oasis for swimming and underwater exploration where it is common to view turtles, squid and octopus in their natural habitat. Located within the Ti Kaye Village, the beach offers direct access to the resort's facilities and restaurant.

• The boat shuttle operates Monday through Saturday, departing Capella Marina at 10:00am and returning from Anse Cochon at 1:30pm.

• Reservations for our Beach Shuttle can be arranged through our Personal Assistant team. There is limited space so please reserve your beach transfer service in advance.

• Beach towels will be provided to each guest prior to departure from Capella Marina. Estimated travel time is 15 minutes each way.

• Unattended complimentary sun loungers are available on the beach. However, these lounge chairs cannot be reserved and are available on a first come, first serve basis.

• There is a full service restaurant available at Ti Kaye Resort located beside the beach. Reservations can be made in advance by our Personal Assistants or upon arrival at the beach.

• Anse Cochon is famed for its coral reef snorkeling adventures. Snorkeling gear rentals are available at Ti Kaye Resort for $11 USD per person.

• All charges incurred at Ti Kaye Resort will need to be settled prior to departure from the beach.


As the only resort in the area with a private marina, Capella Marigot Bay offers ample opportunities to explore the Caribbean aboard a private sailboat or yacht.

Boating, Sailing and Diving Cruises

Three-hour morning and midday cruises and snorkeling excursions are offered. In the evening, a two-hour sunset cruise is ideal for watching the sun meet the sea in an orchestra of color. Cruises are also available on sailboats and powerboats.

Dolphin and Whale Watching Cruises

Keep a sharp eye for Spinning and Spotted Dolphins and Pilot, Sperm and Orca Whales.

During the cruise, the captain will stop for a brief moment to give you an opportunity to hear the rhythmic sounds of these intelligent mammals via the boat’s hydrophone speaker system.

Deep Sea Fishing

You do not have to be a professional angler to have fun. If you've never done it before, the crew aboard one of our well-equipped boats will be happy to show you the ropes. Experts and novices will enjoy the thrill of casting for Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish and Dorado. Fishing cruises can be customized to suit your needs. 


Guests at Capella Marigot Bay enjoy privileges at the 18-hole St. Lucia Golf & Country Club. This beautiful, challenging championship course overlooks St. Lucia’s Caribbean and Atlantic coastlines with wonderful views and fresh breezes on every hole.

The course is 45 minutes from the resort and transportation can be arranged through your Capella Personal Assistant.

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Several hiking trails for every skill level extend from Capella Marigot Bay into the mountains, putting St. Lucia’s natural beauty at the fingertips of the intrepid explorer. 

Gros Piton Climb

Enjoy a breathtaking hike to the summit of the Gros Piton. The first half of the trail is a gentle slope with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and the village of Choiseul to the south. The second half of the trail involves a steep ascent to the Gros Piton summit and is intended for the more advanced hiker. This climb is approximately three to four hours round trip. When you make it to the summit, 2,619 feet above sea level, you have climbed one of Saint Lucia’s iconic landmarks. The three- to four-hour hike is a strenuous challenge and should be undertaken only by fit and agile hikers.


Morne Coubaril Estate

Dating back to the 1700’s, cocoa is one of Saint Lucia’s most important crops and a major part of the island’s agricultural history. Visitors can experience this delicious piece of Saint Lucian heritage with a behind-the-scenes look at a real St. Lucia cocoa plantation. You’ll witness key steps in sugar cane syrup, cocoa and coffee production and the processing of coconuts into food products. Explore the historical features of the estate and take a peek inside authentic huts set within a traditional village setting. Stroll through the beautiful, botanical gardens or hike to the Plat Pays, which offers breathtaking views of the volcano.

Land and Sea by Jeep

This full-day excursion has been described as “exciting,” scenic and informative. Enjoy the best of both worlds as you explore the interior of the island by Jeep and see the spectacular coastline by boat. From the resort, you will travel southward through St. Lucia’s banana plantations, fishing villages, rainforest and rich, tropical island vegetation. Then it’s on to Soufriere to see the Majestic Pitons, the Sulphur Springs in the Drive-in Volcano and the Diamond Falls and Botanical Gardens. Throughout the drive, a knowledgeable guide will inform you of the island’s history and the sights. After stopping for lunch at a local restaurant, you’ll board a boat for the return journey along the island’s coastline, dropping anchor along the way to swim in the crystal clear waters of Anse Cochon, a calm bay along the coast. 

Scuba Diving

With the beautiful and diverse coral reefs, steep underwater cliff walls, pinnacles and shipwrecks just offshore, St. Lucia offers an unforgettable underwater adventure. Explore shipwrecks in Anse Cochon, wall and/or drift dive in Soufriere and night dive or beach dive at Anse Chastanet or Anse Cochon. All of these diving sites are found in marine reserve areas, extending from Anse Cochon to Soufriere along the sheltered west coast of the island. All dives in the marine reserve areas are supervised by staff dive masters or instructors. This government-implemented policy aids in diver safety and environmental awareness.

Shopping Tour (4hrs)

Like many Caribbean islands, St. Lucia is known for its duty free shopping. This delightful excursion offers the opportunity to shop the capital city of Castries and also visit two local shops specializing in handmade items. While in Castries, be sure to check out the historic, 19th century Cathedral, marvel at the Victorian architecture along Brazil Street and poke around the vivacious craft market on the waterfront. The first stop after leaving Castries is the Bagshaws Studio at La Toc, renowned for its hand painted linen. From there, it’s on to Caribelle Batik, which is known for its beautiful silkscreened prints, batik fabrics and clothing. Here, you will get a chance to view the two-centuries-old batik process, an art that has flourished for 2,000 years. 


Guests may choose from a variety of snorkeling sites in marine reserve areas extending from Anse Cochon to Soufriere along St. Lucia’s sheltered west coast. All snorkeling excursions are designed to arouse fun and pleasure while respecting the marine environments and eco-systems.


Reduit Beach

By all measures, this is the best (and certainly busiest) beach on St. Lucia. Located in Rodney Bay, Reduit Beach offers more than a mile of fine, golden sand and access to the double humped Pigeon Island. The beach is a 40-minute drive from the resort.

Anse Chastanet Beach

Anse Chastanet's 150 meters of dark, silvery sand is one of the most beautiful stretches of beach on the southwest coast of St. Lucia. Though the beach is a 75-minute drive from the resort, this is the best snorkeling spot on St. Lucia with a coral reef teeming with fish located just offshore.

A Capella Personal Assistant is available to arrange beach transportation.

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Cooking Classes

The culinary team at Capella Marigot Bay awaits your little ladies and gentlemen. Here, they will be introduced to the preparation of indigenous St. Lucian foods such as sweet and savory wraps, pancakes and “smeareals” – a combination of smoothie and cereal.

Creole Classes

Your children can learn the basics of Creole during their stay at Capella Marigot Bay, learning key phrases that will allow them to interact with our staff in their native language.

Braiding and Girly Spa Time

Your child will learn the tips and tricks to creating fun ponytail styles and cool braids from our creative hair stylist and then enjoy a kids’ mani/pedi afterwards to end the day with sparkling fingers and toes.