Enjoy an unforgettable getaway in Saint Lucia's coveted Marigot Bay with the New Modern All-Inclusive Package.



These extraordinary experiences are exclusively available at Capella Marigot Bay and cannot be found anywhere else on Saint Lucia. We specifically designed them to be meaningful and enriching, leaving you with lasting memories that will extend beyond your stay. Each Signature Activity has been designed to immerse you in our island's wonderful local culture in unique and secluded environments. Our Personal Assistants are ready to assist you in coordinating everything down to the smallest detail.


A unique guided visit to a private sulphur spring for a detoxing mud bath and couples massage

Spend a day indulging in natural springs and exploring the botanical beauty of the rainforest with Cultural Ambassador and Healer, Jahrod the Natwel Alcindor. You will depart from Capella Marina by boat for Soufriere, home of the iconic Pitons. Far from the tourist crowds, Jahrod will escort you through the rainforest to a private sulphur spring. There, you will enjoy a detoxing mud bath while being serenaded by the natural sounds of the tropics. Afterwards, enjoy a couples traditional Fiksyon Fwote' (rub massage), which is a fusion of traditional "rub" techniques with warm bamboo sticks, using a Fiksyon potion. You journey will conclude with a cruise back to the resort. Upon returning to your room, you will discover a Calabash bowl (made from the national plant of Saint Lucia), teeming with indigenous spa products for your enjoyment.

Duration: Half day, Minimum 4 hours | Inclusions: Boat transfers both ways, local guide, couples massage, picnic lunch, and beverages


Fishing and snorkeling followed by a traditional Saint Lucian beach barbecue

We designed this experience to appeal to all family members above 8 years, weaving in a bit of snorkeling, fishing, and - of course - eating. We will kick off this adventure by providing each guest with their own monogrammed snorkel glasses, perfect for exploring the coral reefs and colourful fish. You will be taken by boat to a private cove where you will be taught everything you need to know about snorkeling. You will meet a local fisherman who, while spinning tales based on local legend, will introduce you to the traditions of Saint Lucian fishing. He will guide you throughout his favourite fishing spots and show you how to reel in the best catch, which will be served later in the afternoon on a secluded beach in traditional Saint Lucian style. Back in your room a gift basket with jerk spices and recipes awaits.

Duration: Half day, Minimum 6 hours | Inclusions: Boat transfers both ways, local fisherman guide, monogramed snorkel glasses BBQ lunch, and beverages


Customise spiced rum with the help of our experts

Accompanied by a local guide, begin your experience with a visit to Castries market to shop for indigenous spices that you will later use to create your own infused rum. Your next stop will be at the Saint Lucia Rum Distillery, where you will meet a team of distillers and blenders who work together to produce some of the world's best rums and rum products. They will share their expertise and tell the tale of the Forgotten Cask Rum, overlooked after the distillery's major fire. Return to the resort's Rum Cave, where you will be greeted by a master infuser who will introduce you to three distinct rums. With his assistance, you will create your own infused bottle of rum, flavoured by your chosen Saint Lucian spices.

Duration: Half day, 3-4 hours | Inclusions: Car transfers both ways, guide, spices at Castries market, rum tasting and distillery tour, and rum infusing session with canapés in the resorts Rum Cave


A day of immersion in local culture and traditions

Spend a day immersing yourself in the local culture by visiting a third-generation estate, located on Latille Estate along the East Coast in the community of Micoud. Owned by a local Rastafarian who lives and works the land handed on to him by his parents, you will join him in harvesting fruit and vegetables for your lunch. He will also share the local traditional methods of cooking and baking - such as the "Roast Bake,” the famous bread of Saint Lucia. You will also make your own coffee and lunch with your handpicked vegetables in a clay pot.

Later, enjoy the fruits of your labor served in a calabash, and listen as our local Rastafarian shares his knowledge about the trees, herbs, and fruits of the island.

Duration: Half day, Minimum 4 hours | Inclusions: Car transfers both ways with guide, lunch, and non-alcoholic beverages


A certified sailing course for all levels of expertise

An introductory (and fully certified) sailing crew training course for both the beginner and intermediately experienced. This program is completed over five days and designed to give you as much fun and enjoyment as possible. While you learn to sail, you will be taught safety at sea, master the Competent Crew skills of steering, grasp how to change sails, experience reefing, and learn how to tie the essential knots. Meals and non-alcoholic beverages are provided.

Duration: Five full days, 6-8 hours per day | Inclusions: Boat, instructor, picnic lunch, and non-alcoholic beverages