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Capella Chocolate Collection

We created the Capella Chocolate Collection as an expression of Capella Singapore’s passion for the most exquisite in life.

Available only in Singapore, the gourmet Collection features six unique chocolate flavours that have been carefully paired and hand-crafted, offering connoisseurs an epicurean experience through the use of the finest cocoa and natural ingredients.


The Capella Chocolate Collection is comprised of 24-pieces of handmade, preservative-free, chocolate Bonbons nestled in a leather bound jewelry box. To insure absolute freshness, each and every piece of the collection is created only on receipt of order by Capella’s pastry team.

As taste is integral to the uniqueness and quality of our gourmet chocolates, hours of research and tastings by our in-house confectionary professionals have been devoted to the creation of the Capella Chocolate Collection. More than 20 different varieties of ingredients and blends of the finest chocolates from the world’s most renowned chocolate producer, Cacao Barry Chocolates, were meticulously tasted and tested in combination with fresh fruit and natural essences to create Capella luxury chocolate gift collection.

Intrinsically Singaporean flavours have been used such as Kueh Lapis Spice with Coffee & Prune Jelly, Raspberry Lemongrass with Chili Padi and Kalamansi Ganache to bring you on a sensorial journey through post-colonial Singapore. The rich flavours of our Kueh Lapis Bon Bon are reminiscent of the aromatic confectionary created in the large homes of Singapore’s own Straits-born Chinese, the Peranakan.. Similarly, the light tangy blend of the Raspberry Lemongrass with Chili Padi Bon Bon evokes memories of the rich spicy flavours of Malay heritage cooking. The Kalamansi Ganache, Kalamansi meaning lime, is light and refreshing to the palette, as a tall glass of minuman kalamansi (lime juice) is on a warm tropical day.