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Capella Chocolate Collection

About Cacao Barry®

The French Chocolatier Cacao Barry® offers a range of high-quality and premium cocoa products, chocolate coatings, fillings and decorating products.

In 1842, starting out with tea and coffee, Charles Barry, a true innovator with a passion for gourmet chocolate, decided to go to Africa and seek out a selection of cocoa beans that would enable him to create his very first connoisseur's chocolate.

Today, Cacao Barry®’s traditional strength still lies in the sourcing of cocoa beans in the origin countries as well as in mastering the processing of cocoa. You will find this demanding quest reflected in our recipes for chocolate couvertures, veritable fruits of the insight, creativity and sheer excellence of our “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France”. The source of innovations such as Pailleté Feuilletine™ biscuit crunch, Pistoles™, Mycryo® cocoa butter and ready-to-serve frozen desserts created by Maître Pattisiers, Cacao Barry® helps you add a touch of originality to your creations.

By constantly inventing and reinventing Pastry and Gastronomy, France gave its name and mark to this art. It is a tradition envied by the whole world. It is all about creativity, innovation, and above all passion. Since its creation in 1842, Cacao Barry® has been entirely committed to this heritage.

Today Cacao Barry® provides the most complete palette of artisan products, to all passionate chocolate craftsmen around the world: chocolate and couvertures, pralinés, origins and exclusive plantations, decorations and moulds, inspiring them and opening doors to new creative experiences. Besides, Cacao Barry® offers the widest international community of chocolate professionals, Ambassadors’ Club and Chocolate Academies to support craftsmen and chefs on their quest for perfection. Cacao Barry® is a global Gourmet brand of Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate.