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Sand Ceremony

An alternative to lighting the unity candle in Catholic solemnisations. Two glass jars, each filled with different coloured sand to represent two individual lives, are placed on either side of a larger container. While the officiant makes a short reading or statement, both bride and groom take turns to pour layers of coloured sand into the container until it is full. As the sand can never be separated again, this act symbolises the eternal union of two people. The officiant then seals the filled vessel with cork, wax or an airtight lid. The sealed vessel becomes a colourful keepsake and powerful reminder of the couple’s vows to each other on their wedding day.

Peacock Themed Wedding

Take inspiration from our resident peacocks that roam the hotel grounds freely. Engage our chefs to come up with a series of peacock coloured dishes, desserts and cakes. Have the bride wear peacock feathers in her hair or woven into her bouquet.

Solemnisation on the Pool

It takes more than something special to bring two people together. Bring out the magic of your union with a unique solemnisation ceremony on the pool. A floating platform will be built in the pool to create the ethereal illusion of the bride and groom walking on water.

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