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Medical Tourism in Düsseldorf - The Breidenbacher Hof offers extensive service to international patients


More and more patients from all over the world are coming to Düsseldorf for medical treatment. The local clinics and doctors have an excellent international reputation and are frequented by patients from around the globe, many of them from Russia and the United Arab Emirates. A variety of competent partners have already specialized in medical tourism to Düsseldorf, among them Vladimi Miasnikov (“Dr. Germany”) and Dr. Ghassan Omran.

Many patients do not want to make sacrifices when it comes to luxurious accommodation and the comfort they have grown used to. Whether they are in Düsseldorf to get a Check-Up, to have surgery or undergo therapy that may last for weeks, they will find everything they are looking for at the Breidenbacher Hof. The luxury hotel, located directly on the famous Königsallee, offers two in-house clinics. The newly opened private hospital “Pearl of Aesthetic” offers aesthetic and plastic surgery; the well-established private practice “Preventicum” is a centre for cardiovascular medical science and preventive medicine and has been around for seven years. A unique advantage for guests of the Breidenbacher Hof is the direct connection of the hotel to the clinics. Patients can enjoy the exclusive Capella service in a luxury suite and have a private passage to the treatment facilities – privacy and security are two of the hotels most important priorities.

“Guests who have come to Düsseldorf for medical treatment are in the best of hands at our hotel: Absolute discretion and privacy are our prerogative”, explains General Manager Cyrus Heydarian. “Our advantage is that we can offer everything under one roof and patients can get from the hotel directly to the clinics and do not have to walk outside after surgery or in bandages. We also offer an all-round service package to make every guest as comfortable as possible, even if the reason for the stay is a medical one.”

Not only the patients themselves enjoy excellent service, the accompanying family members do as well. The central location of the Breidenbacher Hof on the Königsallee makes the hotel an ideal starting point for shopping and sightseeing. Another special service of the hotel are the “Personal Assistants”, who take care of the guests needs and wishes during their stay and make (almost) everything possible. They will book a luxury limousine, organize a visit to the theatre or dinner at a restaurant and even accompany guests on a shopping tour of the renowned Königsallee. The hotel also offers “Late Night Shopping” to its guests: the “Personal Assistants” will arrange that luxury boutiques such as MCM, Louis Vuitton, Montblanc, Hugo Boss or Prada stay open past their regular hours, exclusively for guests of the Breidenbacher Hof. The Schnitzler Beauty Lounge spoils guests with first-rate beauty treatments and massages and a personal trainer will create a tailored fitness programme.

The medical facilities at the Breidenbacher Hof

“Pearl of Aesthetic” is a premier private clinic, and offers – in addition of the two specialists Dr. Malte Villnow and Dr. Bratislav Matejic – a comprehensive network of surgical specialists. The entire range of plastic and aesthetic surgery is available at the clinic, which has specialized in capillary transplantations and laser treatments of any kind. In addition to aesthetic surgery, the clinic also offers thyroid, vein surgery and aesthetic dental treatments as well as – in cooperation with “Preventicum” – performance diagnostics.

The name ”Preventicum“, stands for Dr. Dietrich Baumgart, one of the leading experts in preventative medicine and an internationally acclaimed cardiologist, and his centre for preventative medicine in the Breidenbacher Hof. The private practice offers cardio-check ups, as well as all cardiovascular and internal examinations. The centre for performance diagnostics can also test a patient’s endurance, his energy metabolism during physical stress and the performance of the cardio-pulmonary system.

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Breidenbacher Hof, a Capella Hotel

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Telefon: +49 211 160 900

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