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Capella Culture

Championing a life lived through meaningful discovery

Capella Breidenbacher Hof believe in seeking connection and shared experiences that inspire. Our passion for culture and history drives us to delve beneath the skin of every destination we call home and sample a life of authenticity. We take pride in curating unique experiences punctuated with unforgettable moments that will delight and enrich for years to come.


Crafting storied moments beyond expectations within our walls.

As masters in our craft of hospitality, we offer the highest level of personalised service and seek to stir your heart with extraordinary experiences. Craftsmanship is imbued into every detail of this hotel in Alstadt Dusseldorf; handcrafting even the smallest of details to give you insider access to the region’s culture, community and tradition.

The Living Room

A place to relax, a space to connect from dusk till dawn.

Capella Culturist

Historians, guardians and native explorers of Düsseldorf.

The Living Room

The Living Room is the heartbeat and soul of Capella Breidenbacher Hof, Düsseldorf. The place where politicians, artists and entertainers of the past and present would reside and feel at home. Experience Germany’s warmth and friendly culture during our daily ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’, an afternoon custom that’s the hallmark of German social culture. Spanning decades of tradition, this unique coffee and cake time ritual offers the opportunity to celebrate life with loved ones or form new friendships with other guests. Our Capella Culturist are also rooted here and function as the city’s cultural maven, ever ready to help you build lifelong memories.

Capella Culturist

Our Capella Culturist are here to help you craft the perfect stay. Every hidden gem around our destination is known to them; every advice given by them is rooted in solid knowledge and local expertise. Reach out to them each time you head out and be inspired by a unique insight of the city, including their treasured list of the best old-world Rhenish restaurants and iconic Altbier pubs. They take pride in Düsseldorf’s art and culture scene, keeping up-to-date with the latest exhibitions, just to share their joy with you. If you’re in pursuit of history, they can get you up to speed on Düsseldorf’s past as a sleepy fishing village as well as the fascinating architectural surrounding the hotel.

Your Capella Culturist will provide a full itinerary of activities and events hosted in the Living Room during your stay.

Capella Curates

At the heart of the Capella philosophy is our visionary curation of culture and experience.

Our Capella Culturist have spent time scouring Düsseldorf, leaving no leaf unturned in our quest to provide you with unforgettable moments, immersing into the local community to engage and discover local heritage and culture, discovering new skills, and meeting some fascinating people along the way. We understand escapism beyond the simple indulgence of travel and seek, through knowledge, empathy and respect for our surroundings, to create ‘Capella Curates’; a selection of experiences designed to become lifelong memories during your stay at our Konigsallee hotel.

We understand escapism beyond the simple indulgence of travel and seek, through knowledge, empathy and respect for our surroundings, to create ‘Capella Curates’; a selection of experiences designed to become lifelong memories.

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Street Art Delights

Spend the day alongside local photographer, Melanie Zanin, as she shares her experience and expertise and shows you how to capture the perfect shot of the city to ensure you remember your time at Capella Breidenbacher Hof, Düsseldorf forever.

The Baker’s Stroll

Josef Hinkel is Düsseldorf’s most celebrated baker, and is known far beyond the city borders for his breads and pastries. Join him at the Carl’s Market, where you will gain an insight into the busy life of a beloved baker.

The Tasteful Craft of Draft

Enjoy a private, curated tour of some of Düsseldorf’s finest breweries, as you discover the taste of local beers with guidance and intel some of the city’s renowned master brewers.

Himmel & Ähd

An insight into the significant agricultural landscape of Germany, this experience will introduce you to one of the country’s most frequently relished local dishes, Himmel & Ähd (aka Heaven & Earth).

Capella Youth

Building a strong sense of community for a sustainable future.

We are privileged to be entrusted with such exceptional destinations and finding ways to reflect and respect the local culture are vital to our work. As custodian of the community, we are dedicated in the enrichment of our surroundings and the lives of our community, acting as mentors to youths and participating in school initiatives to empower them to create a better tomorrow.

Bringing smiles to our youths

Every year, thousands of vulnerable youth are neglected by the welfare system and face escalating violence at home. At Capella Düsseldorf, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of disadvantaged youth in the community by working closely with non-profit organisation, KIDsmiling. We act as mentors, providing them an outlet to discover their full potential through meaningful activities focused on culinary arts and nutrition, culture and sports. With constant encouragement and guidance, we hope to nurture confidence in our youth to craft the future they desire.

Breidenbacher Hof

Königsallee 11,
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