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The joy of travel. The beauty of a welcome.

The Solis collection of hotels and resorts offer each guest a unique, personal experience. It starts with the welcome: where new visitors and seasonal travellers are invited in as if to a trusted friend’s home. Where room and newspaper preferences are remembered or anticipated. Solis embodies modern, authentic sophistication – curating a luxury experience that is comfortable, timeless and immersive.


Situated along the banks of the Pearl River of Guangzhou and currently under development, the Solis Guangzhou will offer 269 luxurious rooms and suites alongside an exciting array of dining experiences.


Solís Hotels and Resorts are where guests can embrace the joy of adventure and the comfort of home, at once. Where they are warmly welcomed, greeted with personal itineraries and preferences and given the space and the dedicated service to either relax and unwind or immerse themselves in local culture and adventure.

The Solis philosophy is to always prioritise timeless values and an authentic experience: not what happens to be trendy or popular at any one time. The very best service is not seasonal, it is universal and championed as a total belief in sincerity and comfort. Solis teams are worldly but never pretentious, experienced but not formal. Solis knows that its guests frequently visit luxury destinations and stand above the rest as experts in the craft of a comfortable, elegant and memorable stay.

Solis hotels are singular destinations that promise local colours drawn from a global palette, and curated experiences inspired by their location. They are worlds of their own, filled with opportunities to explore, engage, enjoy, relax, restore and remember.