Bob's Bar

Inspired by Havana's glory days and Capella Singapore hotel's distinctive old world charm, Bob's Bar presents an authentically glamorous Cuban-inspired bar on Sentosa Island in Singapore. Explore the rich flavours, colours, and spirits of the West Indies and Havana's golden era at Bob's Bar.

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For reservations and more information, please contact Bob's Bar at +65 6591 5047 / [email protected].

Havana Nights

Unwind with an aromatic Cuban grill-out at Bob's Bar. Celebrate the end of a long work week at Bob's Bar with a distinctive experience that pays homage to Havana’s golden era: the legendary nightlife, high society and tropical seafront that captured the imagination of many.

Escape to a tropical paradise, leaving the bustle of the city behind and let the tantalising aromas of fresh and zesty herbs captivate your senses as you unwind on Bob's Bar's elegant alfresco terrace.

Enjoy succulent grilled meats marinated in flavoursome spices and pair them with authentic Caribbean sauces and condiments, while sipping on handcrafted cocktails like our refreshing Mojito made at the outdoor bar.

Date: Every Friday
Time: 6:30pm to 10:00pm

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For reservations and more information, please contact Bob's Bar at +65 6591 5047 / [email protected].

Bespoke Rum

Navegante – Capella Singapore's Bespoke Rum

Head down to Bob’s Bar to have a taste of Capella Singapore’s very own brand of rum – Navegante. Guaranteed to intrigue your palates, this unique Rum hails all the way from Barbados and is specially crafted by master rum blender Richard Seale.

Navegante, a name which means “Navigator” in Spanish, tells a compelling story of the age old relationship between rum and the sea, where rum was a fundamental part of tiding valiant seafarers through their long voyages.

Rum connoisseurs may enjoy this captivating spirit in a myriad of ways.  Whether consuming Navegante in an Old Fashioned, simply drank neat or savoured with chocolates and preserved cherries, you will be rewarded an incredibly indulgent tasting experience. Capella Singapore’s Navegante is featured in some of Bob’s Bar’s signature cocktails, including the Bob’s Mojito or can be enjoyed straight up.

Price: S$18++ per glass, S$300++ per 750 ml bottle 

Discover more about the journey of Navegante here

For more information or to make your reservations, please contact Bob's Bar at +65 6591 5047 or email [email protected].

Hours & Parking

Bob's Bar is open between 1200hrs - 0000hrs, 7 days a week.

Valet Parking Available

Special Lunch and Dinner Entrance Fee to Sentosa:

Monday to Friday

Noon - 2 pm: $2 per car

5 pm onwards: $2 per car

For reservations please call + 65 6591 5047 or click here.