Auriga Launches New Spa and Wellness Packages for 2011

SINGAPORE (January 21, 2010) Set amid the lush rainforest surrounds of Sentosa Island’s ultra-luxury resort Capella Singapore, Auriga Spa offers a distinctive approach to wellness based upon the unique cycles of the moon. Starting January 2011, Auriga spa proudly launches three new spa packages guaranteed to help one relax, renew and rejuvenate.


Known as Singapore's best kept secret, Auriga's perfected beauty is a potent alchemy. The spa dedicates itself to ensuring total relaxation and wellness of guests with a beautifully designed sanctuary where one can rest and seek remedy from the hustle and tussle of the busy city life. Little known to others, Auriga’s namesake is a constellation in the northern hemisphere. Much in synergy with what its name suggests, the characteristic treatments at the spa which feature a blend of regional customs, indigenous herbs and authentic healing practices, is created as the perfect choreography of both the time-tested ancient practices and the latest contemporary findings.


At Auriga, we believe that the different phrases of the Moon impacts the body in very precise ways: the New Moon marks a time for renewal and introspection; the Waxing Moon symbolises a period for one to refocus; the Full Moon gently nudges the body’s full potential; while the Waning Moon calls for a time for cleansing. Auriga Spa thus adopts a joie de vivre attitude by formulating an authentic pampering experience which will help align the naunces that impact the body with the varying energies of the lunar phrases, in order to achieve an overall enhanced wellbeing.


Whether guests need an escape from everyday stress, some serious pampering or want some quality time with your partner in the most luxurious and relaxing of surroundings, Auriga Spa promises the perfect getaway package.


All prices quoted are introductory rates valid from January 2011 to March 2011.



The full day “Honey Moon” couple’s wellness journey is a specially constructed experience of total indulgence set to reignite a romantic ode. Lacing the couple in a complete state of harmony, the pampering session enjoyed within a sensuous candle-lit atmosphere of Rose and Jasmine scented luxurious spa suite complete with a private bath and garden.


The “Honey Moon” couple’s wellness journey for two priced at S$999++  includes:

  • Relaxation time that can be spent lounging by the outdoor pool, enjoying a gym workout or utilisation of the spa amenities  (60 minutes)
  • A luxurious pampering with Auriga’s Signature Moon spa treatment featuring body exfoliation with Rose infused sea salts and petals, a full body envelopement along with an invigorating hair and scalp treatment, a top to toe massage with organic carrot butter facial cleanse, before ending off with a jasmine facial mask.  (180 minutes)
  • Enjoy a Mandi safar bath before unwinding with an intimate tea session in the private garden within the suite (60 minutes)

The pampering Honey Moon experience concludes with a couple bonding session over glasses of specially concocted mocktails served together with a selection of wholesome tapas.  The perfect refreshing treat after a beauty regime, this light snack served at Bob’s bar concludes the revitalizing spa experience with the couple enjoying a romantic moment overlooking the chivalric and regal South China Sea.



The half day “Beauty Inside and Out” spa journey takes on the philosophy that beauty resonate with wellness; thus with a healthy and happy life, good looks will radiate from within.


The “Beauty Inside and Out” spa journey priced at S$ 499 ++ per person includes:

  • A choice of body exfoliation or body wrap to prepare and polish the skin  (30 minutes)
  • An anti-ageing body firming massage featuring the use of rare Tamanu, Kigelia and Blackcurrant organic oils  which reduces the visible signs of skin ageing and kneads away fatigue. This treatment is especially designed to help tone and firm the skin while indulging in the “muscle melting” combination of massage techniques (90 minutes)
  • A pampering collagen-boosting, anti-ageing facial featuring super antioxidants is engaged to help rejuvenate and boost collagen production deep inside the skin. This beauty treatment is enjoyed along a stimulating scalp massage that will help circulation (60 minutes)
  • An Express Manicure or Pedicure (45 minutes)

The beauty boosting spa journey is rounded up with a healthy 4-course beautifying meal prepared exclusively by Chef Lee of Capella’s fine dining Chinese restaurant, Cassia. This authentic chinese meal pays tribute to age old Chinese beauty regime diets and concludes Auriga’s Beauty Inside and Out spa treatment.


Auriga Spa recognises that stress is a common problem in the everyday life. With a desire to soothe and bring harmony to the body, Auriga has meticulously put together an exclusive spa treatment that can help attend to the impact of stress upon the body by eliminating stress indicators such as depression, sleep problems and skin conditions.


Auriga Spa’s 5 ½ hour “Stress Management” package priced at $499++ per person includes:

  • An “Elixir of life” welcome tonic drink served upon arrival
  • A personalised training class or a private yoga and meditation session to calm the senses and seek inner peace within the soul (60 minutes)
  • Auriga’s cold and hot water treatments (30 minutes) followed by a Salt scrub and full body & head massage (120 minutes) and a soothing Sea salt bath (30 minutes).

The Auriga Stress Management routine is completed with the individual winding down to a stress free afternoon with a delightful tea session paired with 90 minutes of relaxation time by the outdoor pool.


Completed with nine treatment rooms and suites, including one dedicated to traditional Asian therapies within the luxurious 12,000 square foot area in  Auriga, the premise features luxurious spa facilities alongside hot and cold shower baths, a grand jacuzzi bed, ice fountains, invigorating herbal steam rooms including a vitality pool that overlooks an enchanting and tropical garden. In order to ensure a luxurious and pampering Auriga spa session, each suite comes complete with an accompanying outdoor garden allowing a splendid landscape of tropical foliage and natural light. In addition, Auriga spa also boasts of supplementary amenities that promote relaxation and wellness of the body. Among the list, the spa’s Relaxation Lounge featuring soundwave lounge chairs is a quiet reprieve looking out to a tranquil garden. This quiet haven allows guests to read, listen to soothing music and sip an option of either hot or cold teas so as to allow the body to harmonise with the current phase of the moon.


Developed by award-winning Swedish-based Raison d’Etre, Auriga Spa integrates the lunar phases into every aspect of the spa experience, from the ambiance to the treatments, ultimately aligning guests with the rhythms of nature for enhanced wellbeing.


Auriga uses 100% natural and organic products from The Organic Pharmacy and also offers treatments developed by A.W Lake that are exclusive to Auriga spa in Singapore and draw inspiration from Singapore’s Malay and Chinese heritage.  Additional treatments include massages, wraps, scrubs, facials and a host of beauty and grooming services


For reservations, please contact Auriga at +65 6591 5023.

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